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Prøverommet at Østre

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About the evening

Prøverommet is a melting pot of new connections and it’s always a treat to be hosted at the best venue in Bergen for losing oneself in – Østre. This evening presents four distinct projects from individual artists and groups who share material that has never been seen by the public before. 

Mila Elisabeth Larvoll screens a short film titled ‘How Ruška Moves The Crane’, introducing us to a woman called Ruška who has been operating cranes in Serbia since 1998. Masoud Alireza is interested in self-destructive political systems and presents ’Collapse’, a drawing-installation that invites the audience/citizens to participate in its destruction and reconstruction. Maria Helena Nerhus presents ‘Landscape of Memory’, a solo performance built from her collaborative practice circulating around the tangible and intangible. Beate Poikāne & Clea Filippa Ingwersen collaborate on a sensorial collage formed by sculptural structures, imagery and movement with a soundscape by Andrejs Poikans, exploring what emerges at the intersection between their three practices and the poetics of material elements in the space.

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Prøverommet is a platform for all types of artists to try out new material in front of an audience. The program has existed alongside BIT Teatergarasjen since 1998 and you can read more about it at

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