Prøverommet + Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche are occupying Verkstedet on the ground floor of KODE 2 this winter inviting other cultural actors as KODE, BIT Teatergarasjen, Borealis and Jungelen to participate in making an informal meeting place for the audience and various artistic expression and activities. Prøverommet will join in the evening the 17th of february! 

Marit Loe Bjørnstad
Veronica Diesen and Benedict Seymour
Dawid Lorenc and Adrian Bartczak
Daniel Mariblanca 
Line Konstanse Lyngstadaas

On the program is a work in progress with Carte Blanche dancers Dawid Lorenc and Adrian Bartczak with their project “gaME” and Daniel Mariblancha with the project “NORMAL”. There will also be a showing of Marit Loe Bjørnstad’s latest solo project and Veronica Diesens film "Oil Games: The game of Freedom". The evening will end with a screening of “Transportation Dance” which is Line Konstanse Lyngstadaas latest film about the artist Martin Slaatto.

Doors open 20:00
Price: 40 kr

Prøverommet is open to everyone! Send a short description of what you want to present or explore in our showrooms to