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Co-machines: Mobile Disruptive Architecture by Dan Dorocic & ON/OFF
‘Co-machines: Mobile Disruptive Architecture’ takes as its premise the recent tendency among architects and designers to opt out of traditional office work in favour of creating self-initiated interventions in public space.This compendium investigates a new architectural movement motivated by practices of place-making, occupying and squatting, and alternative economies.
Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine - A book on reading, writing, memory and forgetting in a library of living books (Edvardsen)
Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine - A book on reading, writing, memory and forgetting in a library of living books (Edvardsen)
Sarah Vanhee - Lecture for Every One
At the occasion of 7 years Lecture For Every One, a book was published by Art Paper Editions. "During seven years, 16 performers spread Lecture For Every One throughout Europe. They intervened in more than 300 different gatherings, from a corporate sales meeting to a brass-band rehearsal and a municipal council." Produced by Manyone | Co-produced by CAMPO, Vooruit, kunstencentrum BUDA, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, STUK, BIT Teatergarasjen, Skogen | With support of the Flemish Community
Into the City, Onto the Stage: Unlikely Collaborations in the Performing Arts (apap)
Laboria Cuboniks: The Xenofeminist Manifesto
and then the doors opened again (Weber Krebs)
Locked down at home during the first wave of Covid-19, David Weber-Krebs kept on thinking about the day when theatres would open their doors again. On the 8th of April, 2020, in the middle of the lockdown, David sent an e-mail to his peers: artists, scholars, curators, and spectators belonging to different art communities. In this e-mail, there was a simple question: What will happen on your first theatre visit after the lockdown?
Norsk Shakespeare- og teatertidsskrift (dobbeltnummer)
Norsk Shakespeare- og teatertidsskrift (enkeltnummer)
Not Not Nothing brings together the texts from the pieces Black (2011), No Title (2014), We to be (2015) and oslo (2017) created and performed by Mette Edvardsen. The trail of booklets, postcards and ephemera published in their margins provided writer Jeroen Peeters with a particular lense to look into Edvardsen’s detailed world, published as Something Some Things Something else. The books were launched in Bergen during Meteor 2019.
The Life and Work of Nature Theater of Oklahoma
This first monograph on Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s work offers a lively insight into its broad artistic practice. Essays by critics, theoreticians, fellow artists and participants in the various projects are accompanied by a series of contributions from Kelly Copper and Pavol Liška together with numerous colour illustrations and a comprehensive index of works.
The second edition of CHOREOGRAPHY consists of eleven newly written texts by artists active in the field of dance and choreography in the Nordic countries. The contributions are united in their interest for the language that artists themselves can develop, and their attempts to find a productive way to relate to text as a form of expression. Edited by Solveig Styve Holte, Ann-Christin Kongsness and Venke Marie Sortland.
CHOREOGRAPHY/KOREOGRAFI is an anthology consisting of texts written by artists active within the field of dance and choreography in the Nordic countries, driven by an ambition to protect a space for reflection that is experienced as threatened, that is to say the thinking from and around the artistic works and practices. Editors: Solveig Styve Holte, Ann-Christin Kongsness and writer Runa Borch Skolseg.
Polyamorøs kjærlighetssang - Jacob Wren
Jacob Wren (f. 1971) er forfatter og multikunstner, basert i Montreal, som har spilt mange forestillinger på BIT Teatergarasjen under eget navn og som del av PME-ART. Wren var aktiv som performance-poet på 1990-tallet, og har senere utgitt i alt seks bøker. Polyamorøs kjærlighetssang beskrives av forfatteren som «en roman om kunst og etikk, og om hva som vil og ikke vil kunne bli mulig.» Norsk utgivelse ved H//O//F (House of Foundation, Moss).
APAP: Framing a mirage – Communicating contemporary art and its values
As part of the network Advancing Performing Arts Project (apap), BIT Teatergarasjen had the honor of being responsible editor of this anthology. The publication consists of contributions by, amongst others, Florian Malzacher, Joanna Warsza, André Eiermann and Bojana Cvejic, and dives into the relationship between contemporary art and our differing societies measurement of values. Order your copy today! Photo:

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