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Publication presentation, How to die - Inopiné

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We invite you to a public event where we reflect together on how to translate How to die - Inopiné into a book. 

How to translate How to die - Inopiné into a book? How to keep the material moving?

What started out as a separation between documentation and abstraction, between "here is everything that happened" and "you just had to be there," now seems to revolve around questions of activity and genres of creation, between archive and repertoire. Or maybe it's all about "a practice that has no name yet."

How to make a book that displaces itself?

What is a book? Can this be a book? What's the use of this, of that? What's needed, what to keep, what to let go? These are some of the editorial questions we have asked the materials and encounters that compose How to die - Inopiné. Making this publication has emphasized the displacement of our doing and thinking. How to share this process?

A public sharing moment will demonstrate the publication as it currently stands, a live editorial spread session. The event is hosted by editor Ashkan Sepahvand and choreographer Mia Habib.