prøverommet at Kabuso


This event is the first time that prøverommet collaborates with Kunsthuset Kabuso in Øystese (Kvam) and will feature music, performance, storytelling and drag by five artists and groups: Pedro Riva and Julia Zasteva, Eirik Lillebøe Wiken, Koppen & Jorkjen, Dany Devero and MÅNIN.

Note: Kunsthuset Kabuso is open 11:00-17:00 and there is a cafe with coffee and cakes. Visitors who travel on the 8:55 bus from Bergen will have time to visit Kunsthuset Kabuso’s current exhibition ‘Styrlause prosessar’ and the Ingebrigt Vik museum before the event starts. Alternatively, there will be time to visit the exhibition after the event finishes.


Pedro Riva and Julia Zastava

Pedro and Julia present ‘A fruit is becoming ill in sugar’ – an experimental durational performance where a proud caterpillar, left alone to control the identity of nothingness, is found sneaking in the paraphysical inflammation of culture.

Julia's and Pedro's projects are connected by the conceptual foundations of collage, structure, and language.

Julia Zastava is a Vienna based visual artist whose practice includes drawings, videos, sound, installations and performance. Her work revolves around processes of transition, questions of narration, ideas of the uncanny, unpleasant sensations and social surrealism. She studied ballet, multimedia directing and art. Her works have been shown in Europe, the USA, Latin America and the Middle East.

Pedro Riva is a Helsinki based artist focused on the dominant biopolitical discourse. His practice questions the perception and imagery of the self inside capitalist structures. He studied philosophy, theatre and art. For this project, Pedro has received additional support from the Nordic Culture Point in Finland.

Eirik Lillebøe Wiken 

Eirik will present a storytelling performance from his ongoing project ‘ART ECO LOGIC’, inspired by deep ecology and mythical poetry. 

Eirik Lillebøe Wiken is a storyteller and permaculturalist based in Alvastien Telste, Kvam. 

Koppen & Jorkjen

Koppen & Jorkjen present a work in-progress that builds on research about queer identity and the culture and history of gay bars in Norway.

Koppen & Jorkjen are a Norwegian performance duo consisting of Henrik Koppen and Finn Adrian Jorkjen. They make ritualistic performances, installations and radio plays that becomes a part of their own ever growing and queer mythology.

Henrik Koppen is a Norwegian artist based in Velsvik, Volda working with performance, video, installation, music and sound. He holds a BA from Bergen National Academy of Art and Design. Koppen is often collaborating with other artists and musicians, and engaged in ongoing projects such as HITYAMAC and the performance duo Koppen & Jorkjen.

Finn Adrian Jorkjen is a visual artist who works with performance, text, and video. He cuts, stages, remembers, moves, and composes different situations together. His works tackle our relationship with mass media, questions about identity, and is driven by big ambivalent feelings. Jorkjen is a graduate of the Oslo Academy of the Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim, NTNU. He is also a member of the performance duo "Koppen & Jorkjen”.

Dany Devero 

Dany Devero will present a short drag performance incorporating music, dance and costume.

Dany Devero is local drag artist based in Øystese.


MÅNIN play music with an open and researching focus on sound and sounds, under the genre acoustic contemporary music / experimental jazz. The music consists of both improvisation and colouring of the present, as well as compositions that put the very small, unique sounds under a magnifying glass. In this project, they unite their individual and common approaches to music (i.e. popular music, folk music, jazz and improvisation), with a common interest in unique sound and sounds. It is about looking at music as a broad concept, where MÅNIN's music mimics sounds around us, from both nature and city, both large and small.

MÅNIN are Ane Bjerkan on vocals and Indian harmonium, and Camilla Hole on Saxophone.

Ane Bjerkan from Inderøy has established herself as an artist who stands out from most of the Norwegian artist flora with her music that is at the crossroads between pop, folk and experimental. Her latest release Vagō came in the spring of 2021 on the record company KOSO.

Camilla Hole from Breim in Western Norway is a saxophonist and composer and is active in several orchestras and projects. Her music is characterized by an interest in the abstract and timbres are mixed with playful melodies. Camilla has recently released music with Ben Reddik and the Camilla Hole Trio. 


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prøverommet 2021 is supported by Bergen Kommune, Kulturrådet and BIT Teatergarasjen. This event is a collaboration with Kunsthuset Kabuso. One of the projects for this event has received additional support from Nordic Culture Point.

Photo: Koppen & Jorkjen